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Academic year: 2023

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The following amendments, additions, deletions and amendments apply to and form part of the Code. Ultimately, this document will incorporate amendments, additions, deletions and changes to Part 1 'Planning and Design' of the Code so as to form a complete supplement to the Code.

Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and References




HOLD POINT means a point beyond which work cannot proceed (Hold Point released) without the authorization and signature of the Superintendent's representative and/or Mackay Regional Council's representative. Release of a holding point may also be subject to an inspection of works by the Superintendent's representative and/or Mackay Regional Council's representative.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality management system
  • Inspection and test plans
  • Quality audits

Personnel Qualifications

The board shall notify the superintendent at the time of filing whether the testimony is to be exercised. If exercised, the Council's review and acceptance of the nominated staff to perform their nominated duties constitutes release of the witness.


Protection of People, Property and Environment

  • Safety of People
  • Protection of Other Services
  • Disused / Redundant sewers and pressure mains
  • Private and public properties

19 GENERAL CONSTRUCTION . d) filled with liquid cementitious grout if a structure is located within the sewer or pressure main's influence zones. Depth shall be measured from the top of the sewer/pressure main to finished surface level or from the top of the sewer/pressure main to the top of the finished pavement subgrade level; whichever is the least.

Affected Party Notifications

Authorised Products and Materials

  • Pressure pipe-work and pipe fittings
  • Valves
  • Electrically operated actuators

Pipes and fittings must be handled, transported and stored according to the manufacturer's guidelines. f) ABS pipe and fittings. Pipes and fittings must be handled, transported and stored according to the manufacturer's guidelines. g) Copper pipe and fittings.

Rejected Products and Materials


External radio interference to electronic starters must not exceed the limits specified in AS CISPR 11. Suitable harmonic filters must be provided in each VSD unit to meet the requirements of the Electricity Supply Authority.

Transportation, Handling and Storage of Products and Materials

Where electronic starters are used, the disturbance in the electrical power system must not exceed the limits set out in TR IEC Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Limits - Assessment of Emission Limits for the Connection of Interfering Installations to MV, HV and EHV Power Systems ' and TR IEC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) limits - Assessment of emission limits for the connection of fluctuating installations to MV, HV and EHV power systems'. The level of total harmonic distortions at the point of common coupling (PCC) shall be limited to the planning levels as determined by the electricity supply authority.


Works Inspection and Testing

  • Switchboards
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Definitions
  • Works Testing – In General
  • Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly (SCA)
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Valves

Conducting a test of switchboard work in the presence of the supervisor and council constitutes a WITNESS POINT. Conducting a work test on each SCA in the presence of a supervisor constitutes a WITNESS POINT.

Concrete Works

In this condition, the valve must be sealed in such a way that the axial hydraulic force is not withheld from the outside. The contractor is present when the supervisor inspects the work prior to concrete installation.

Scope of Work

Consumer Mains

  • Mains Requirements

21 ELECTRICAL WORK 21.2 Scope of work (Add the following). a) Not less than 15 kA for 1 second for main switchboards of 100 Amps or less, and (b) Not less than 25 kA for 1 second for main switchboards greater than 100 Amps. If variable speed drives (VSD) are used, the total harmonic distortion (THD) level at the point of common coupling (PCC) shall meet the requirements of the power supply authority. Consumer power supply with a cross-section of more than 120 mm2 consists of single-core XLPE/PVC cables.

The load network must be dimensioned so that the voltage drop at the input terminals of the switchboard does not exceed 2.5% under conditions of 1.3 times the maximum demand.


  • General

Switchboard Installation

  • General

Installation of Level Sensors

  • Wet-well level sensor probes


Flanged Joints

Gauges and Recorders

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters and Flow Switches

Place an electromagnetic flow meter located in the pump station or in a separate dedicated concrete structure. Place the flow meter converter in the pump station's electrical panel and provide an input to the site's telemetry system. For flow meter details refer to the Council's standard specification D61 'Panelboards for sewage pumping stations'.


Limits of Excavation

Support of Excavations

Steel support and trench lining shall be in accordance with AS4744.1 'Steel support and trench lining - design'.

Foundations and Foundation Stabilization

Surplus Excavated Material

Trench Floor Preparation

Bedding Materials

Placement of Bedding

Bedding for Concrete Structures

Bedding for Maintenance shafts and Variable Bends

Installation of Pipes

  • General
  • Cleaning, inspection and joint preparation
  • Laying

At the time of notification from the supervisor, the council must notify whether the possibility of inspection is to be used. If it is used, release of the witness is required, signed by the Council, before filling is started. Where PVC pipe is to be joined to ductile iron pipe, the joints shall be made by inserting a PVC spigot into a ductile iron socket.

Horizontal and Vertical Deflection of Gravity and Pressure Mains

  • General
  • Methods of Deflection
  • Horizontal curves
  • Vertical curves
  • Compound curves

Horizontal and vertical separation of crossing pipelines

Flotation Control

Thrust and Anchor Blocks and Restrained Joints for Pressure Mains

Marking Tapes

  • Detectable Marking Tape

Bored Pipes under Roads, Driveways and Elsewhere

Release of the Holding Point, by signature by the Superintendent, after submission of the written authorization is required before works commence. Submission, by the Superintendent, of a copy of the Authorities' written authorization to the Board constitutes a WITNESS. If exercised, clearance from the Evidence Point, signed by the Council, is required before works commence.

Issuance of the Holding Point, signed by the Supervisor, after review of the Work Method Statements and confirmation of their suitability by the Supervisor is required before starting the works.

Trench Stops for Pressure Mains

The annular space between the piping and the casing pipe shall not be filled or painted except for sealing the ends of the casing arrangement as detailed in standard drawing A3-04236. The Contractor must give written notice to the Authority of the intention to carry out the work and pay any applicable fees. The Contractor must then obtain written authorization to carry out the work from the Authority before commencing work.

Upon notification to the supervisor, the Council shall inform whether the possibility of reviewing the written authorization should be used.

Bulkheads for Pressure Mains

A DICL pipeline enclosed in casing need not be lined in accordance with clause 30.12 (amended). Where the pipeline crosses a road under the control of the State Government, a watercourse or any landform, feature or building under the control or jurisdiction of any authority or owner (hereinafter referred to as the Authority), the works shall be in accordance with the requirements of that authority. Statements of work methods for the installation of trenchless pipelines must be submitted to the supervisor and must address the following matters; a) General description of the method and sequence of operation.

Construct major parts in locations specified on design drawings and, as a minimum, in accordance with WS-SPEC Section TR-13, Section 4.10.

Corrosion Protection of Cast Iron

Location Markers

Welding of Steel Pressure Mains

  • General


Precast Concrete Systems

Internal Coating of Concrete Wet-wells and MHs


  • Maintenance Holes
  • Wet-wells and Valve Pit

Embedment Materials

Compaction of Embedment

  • General
  • Methods

Concrete Embedment and Encasement

Trench Fill

  • General
  • Material Requirements
  • Compaction of Trench Fill

The contractor performs the connection to the existing sewerage or sewerage infrastructure, unless;. a) In exceptional circumstances, the Council decides to carry out connection works (exceptional circumstances may include connection to the main electricity grid, connections to complex systems and connections in areas with operational problems); or, An estimate of the cost of the works to be carried out by the Council will be provided to the contractor and the connection will not be made until payment has been made by the Council. The payment must be accompanied by a signed declaration of payment of the actual costs of the work. g) The Contractor must coordinate the work, including notifications to the Council, the Supervisor and the Developers' Representative. h).

A cost estimate of the works to be undertaken by the Council will be provided to the Contractor and the connection will not be made until payment has been made to the Council.



Provision for Settlement

Maintenance of Restored Surfaces

35 RESTORATION 35.1 General (Add the following). Acceptance Tests' is read as 'Acceptance Inspections and Tests')).


Compaction Testing

  • Trench fill compaction testing
    • Frequency and location of tests

Air Pressure and Vacuum Testing of Gravity Sewers

  • Testing of concrete emergency storage and maintenance structures
    • General

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Pressure Mains

  • General
  • System test pressure
  • Maximum allowable loss
  • Test Procedure

Alternatively, the maximum permissible loss rate (Q) can be calculated using the following simplified formula for the specific pipe types and associated average pipe lengths in tabular form.

Electrical Works

Sewage Pumping Station Site Testing

On-site testing of all equipment must be supervised by the contractor and representatives of the relevant subcontractors. In accordance with the requirements of Clause 36.9 of the WSA, which details the acceptance tests of electrical works to be carried out, additional specific site tests must be carried out in relation to all aspects of the sewage pumping station as detailed in the pre-commissioning record sheets . Conducting special tests at the location of the sewage pumping station in the presence of the supervisor and the council constitutes the WITNESS POINT.

If exercised, the Superintendent's and Council's inspection of the testing and signing of the test results, as satisfactory, is required before the release of the testimony.

Detectable Marking Tape

The Superintendent will advise, at the time of notification by the Contractor, whether the option for the Superintendent to inspect the testing should be exercised. The Council will advise at the time of notification by the Superintendent whether the option for the Council to inspect the testing should be exercised. The presence of the Supervisor during the disclosure demonstrations and the signing of the test results as satisfactory is required before the holding point is issued.

The Council will advise at the time of notification by the Superintendent whether the option for the Council to inspect disclosure demonstrations should be exercised.


Pumping Station

  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Handover

If exercised, the signature of the test results by the Superintendent and Council, if satisfactory, is required prior to the release of the Witness Point. A review and acceptance by the Council of the Pre-commissioning Submission is required prior to release of the Hold Point. The performance of commissioning inspections and tests in the presence of the Superintendent and the Board constitutes a HOLD POINT.

The Superintendent's and the Board's presence at commissioning and their countersigning of the Record Sheets, if satisfactory, is required before the release of the Hold Point.

Vertical Tolerances

  • Sewers, pressure mains, structures, pumping stations, roads

The construction of gravity sewers and maintenance structures, including built-in tolerances as such, shall comply with the requirements of WSA 02-2002 "Sewage Code of Australia".


Operations and Maintenance Manuals

41 Cable markers (0.6/1kV cables) – check for correct identification according to drawings 42 Labels identifying all neutral connections. I/Os - Point to point testing, all signals register on scada and trigger events and alarms according to approved design. 9 Wall doors sealed (around pipes and conduits) 10 Sump bank as per approved design 11 Internal wall surface covering as per design.

1 Facility name plate with MRC contact details installed 2 Safety shutters over manholes installed as per approved design. 5 Electrical signals installed in accordance with AS3439 – Clause 5.2 6 Stainless steel tags provided to indicate location of. 1 overflow pit constructed as per approved design 2 Frog-flaps installed and functional (Pit & Outlet) 3 Pit covers are of specified grade and material. 4 Covers are installed as per approved design.


Table 20.10 – Concrete Properties
Table 28.2 – Minimum Trench Widths


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