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The Residential Colleges of the University 1997


Academic year: 2023

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The Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne Incorporated is an association for graduates who wish to maintain close links with the University of Melbourne. The main objectives of The Graduate Union as set out in its Statement of Purpose are:. a) to promote the welfare of the University of Melbourne. It was affiliated to the University Union between 1938 and 1952 as the Graduate Section of the Union.

All inquiries should be directed to the Director of The Graduate Union, at the University's address, Parkville, 3052. Janet Clarke Hall provides housing, additional education, and business to members of the University. If the college is not providing tutoring, arrangements will be made to attend one of the neighboring colleges.

The College Office will provide details of the special rates for tutors living in flats. -resident students are also accepted, and are encouraged to become active members of the College.





Queen's College

Castles, BArch LFRAIA RIBA FAICD, National Vice President and President-elect of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Richard Divall, OBE, KM KLJ DMus (Hon) Sao Paulo, DLitt (Hon) Monash FRNS FRAS, Music Director of Victoria State Opera and Queen's College Artist-in-Residence, Associate Professor of Music, University of Melbourne. Ronald Farren-Price, AM, DipMus, Associate Professor and Reader in Music, University of Melbourne and former Dean of the Faculty of Music, a pianist with international distinction David John Habersberger, BA LLB QC, Member of the Victoria Bar Council, Appointed by Victorian.

Parnaby, BA DPhil Oxon, Fourth Master of Queen's 1966-86 and author of The Centenary History of Queen's College. Scott, BSc Glas BA Mon PhD Bangor, DSc FLS, noted botanist and fifth master of the faculty. Williams, BCom MSc (Econ) Lond PhD Lond FASSA Professor of Econometrics, University of Melbourne.

Lois Woodward, AM, BA, Chair of the Ethics and Investigation Committee of Freemason's Hospital, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Victorian Hospitals Association and of the Royal Women's Hospital. David Copolov, MB BS PhD, MPM DPM FRACP FRANZCP, Professor and Director of the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria. Awards are set in February at a meeting of the Fellows of the College, and are based on Year 12 and University results.

All enrolled resident or non-resident students of the College are automatically considered candidates, along with any students outside the College who wish their college results to be considered for a scholarship or exhibition. Scholarships and exhibitions are awarded for one year only, but a student may be re-elected year after year for a scholarship of the same or different value throughout their entire university education. When, as in the clinical years of medical school, the period of hospital stay may entail absence during the college semesters, an allowance of $105 per week is given for such period.

If a student intends to leave the university during the year, half a semester's notice is required, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Ridley College

MDiv GCTS; Ms Jill McCoy, BEd BTh DipTh ACT; the Honorable Gordon Robert Preece, MA Syd. Extraordinary office hours: Dean, Reverend Dr. P. Adam, ThL ThSchol BD Mth PhD; Honorable Dr. Paul Barker, ThL BTh DipMin PhD; Mr Wayne Collins, DipElecEng; Honorable Tim Costello; Reverend Canon B. Darling, MA DipEd ThL; Reverend Faye Donaldson; Reverend Sharon Footit, BTh A.C.T; Reverend Stephen Hale, BA DipEd Syd BTh DipA MTC; Gaye Mercier; Reverend Colin Reed; the Honorable Dr. Charles Sherlock, BA ThL BD MA ThD.




St Hilda's College

The college accommodates 170 students in single study/bedrooms and has 8 apartments for single and married teachers. Non-resident students are entitled to College tutorials, can use the library and other College facilities, eat at the College at student prices and participate fully in College life. Fees entitle resident students to board, lodging and tuition for the college's academic year or equivalent.

The College's 32-week Academic Year is based on the University of Melbourne's Academic Year. Arrangements are made with other colleges for tuition in subjects not offered at St Hilda's. A number of scholarships will be awarded each year to resident and non-resident students and the scholarships are awarded on a family means test basis.

For further information apply to the Principal, St Hilda's College, College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria, 3052. This is refundable if the student wishes, less any outstanding charges, within three months of the student finally leaving residence. .

St Mary's College

The Enrollment Fee includes the Building Charge, the Telephone Rental Fee, Internet and Computer Access Fee, and the Deposit held against damage to College property. The annual fee covers all costs for board and residence and college tutorials over the total period of the college semesters. For further information regarding accommodation and tutorials, apply to the Principal, St Mary's College, Parkville, Victoria 3052.

Trinity College

The Trinity College Theological School was founded in 1877 mainly as a result of the efforts of the Right Reverend James Moorhouses, the second Bishop of Melbourne. Although primarily concerned with training candidates for the Anglican priesthood, the classes are open to any suitably qualified student. The Trinity Education Center was established by the College Board in 1989 primarily to prepare overseas students for entry to the University through a one-year Foundation Studies course.

The names of successive Principals and Principals of Trinity College can be found in the "Lists of Former Principals" section of this calendar. The following information is correct at the time of going to press, but interested parties should consult the College Office for more recent information. Alan Morton Cuthbertson, MB MS FRCS FRACS FACS (John Holmes Shaw Fellow) Rev. Robert Dann, BA ThL.

Sir Rupert James Hamer, ED LLM Hon.LLD FAIM Sir Brian Inglis, AC, Kt, LLD Monash BSc. There is regular tuition throughout the year by resident and non-resident tutors in a wide range of university subjects. Trinity theological students (resident and non-resident) study for the degrees of the Melbourne College of Divinity within the Parkville United Faculty of Theology.

The College Library (the Leeper Library) provides a useful working collection in the main areas of undergraduate study, together with specialist research collections.




Tuition (Payable at the beginning of the academic year or, with approval, in two installments): $20. The College offers an undetermined number of scholarships to students in all years of college courses, for one year at a time. Entry Scholarships are offered to students commencing first-year courses who achieve excellent results in the Victorian Certificate of Education Examination (or equivalent) and are recommended by their school.

Senior Scholarships are awarded based on results achieved in university courses in the previous year. Senior students entering university for the first time and wishing to be considered for a scholarship must submit a written application to the Dean and include details of their previous academic record. Special scholarships are available for the sons and daughters of Anglican clergy of the Melbourne and Wangaratta dioceses.

Theological studentships worth up to $1,500 per year are available to ordination candidates sponsored by their diocesan bishops. The duties of the Organist are to assist in the maintenance of the choir of Trinity College principally in the accompaniment of choral services, to play the organ for other services in the chapel as directed by the Warden or the Chaplain, and to to stimulate play and appreciation of music within the College. The College hosts twenty Choral Exhibitions, open to both College residents and non-resident students.

The choral performers, of whom there are six sopranos, four altos, four tenors and six basses, make up the Trinity College Choir. Applicants for permanent membership are urged to submit their applications by the beginning of November of the year preceding their proposed admission, even if their applications must be only provisional at that date. For application forms, scholarship application forms and any further information contact the Admissions Secretary, Trinity College, Parkville, Victoria 3052.

University College


Anatomy: Mark Wescott, MB BSc Medicinal Chemistry: Beata Stasiak, BSc Physiology: Helen Law, BSc Br.Col. Beth Gordon, BCom Tim Johnston, BArch Arthur O'Neill, BSc WA Roslyn Steel, BSc MEd DipEd Karen Sydow, BA AALIA. The college offers an extensive program of curriculum-based exercises and a range of specialist seminars in various disciplines.

Where the College does not provide tutorials, arrangements are made for residents to attend tutorials at one of the neighboring colleges. The academic program is open to non-resident students who may also use the College facilities and take meals in the hall. These fees cover College costs for accommodation, tuition and service during 31 weeks of the Academic Year, based on the University of Melbourne Academic Year.

Where possible, arrangements are made for students to live at the university during holiday periods if they need to take recognized courses. Tuition fees are usually paid in two installments, but special arrangements can be made in case of financial difficulties. Entry scholarships are awarded annually to first-year students based on the Victorian Certificate of Education, and other scholarships based on university exam results.

Further information and application forms are available from the Head of College, University College, College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Telephone Fax 9347 1549.

Whitley College



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