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Academic year: 2023

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Pupils in the schools' greenhouses are tempted to think of architecture as the art of sketching castles in the air. To think about originality is to lose the possibility of achieving it - it comes to the man who knows, and then it is to see the obvious. The President then asked His Excellency Sir Arthur Stanley to speak on the subject of "War Memorials". Large sums would be spent on these, and it was the institute's wish that the best should be done and that the best value for money should be obtained.

Keep, President of the Chamber of Manufacturers, said it was a mistake to leave the matters under discussion in their present chaotic state. Douglas Richardson, sculptor, considered the formation of the committee a good suggestion and that it should be implemented. He believed in educating people on these issues and was heart and soul with the solution.


In the first place, we should not do it in vain and carelessly, we should think, have a plan and a purpose, not be too hasty. We have an ugly habit of combining, if we can, local utility with a memorial, as in the well-known story of the benevolent clergyman who read the death notice of a great statesman and added, "This is just what we wanted. We needed a new water supply for a long time!" This is like using a grandpa's sword to cut a hedge.

If we commemorate, let us commemorate with a memorial that catches and draws the eye,—remembered long and gratefully, and with an inscription that touches the heart and not merely unites a man among the possessors of all human gifts and virtues. I am reminded of a Georgian monument in a cathedral where a thin man in a toga peered anxiously from an arbor of fluted columns, and of which it was announced that in him "every talent that adorns the human soul was joined to every virtue. that holds him.” How different is the little plaque in a church I know that commemorates a former choir boy.

He had joined the army and had won a Victoria Cross in the Boer War, which he did not live to receive. We want that which appeals directly to the eye, and then throws a strong feeling into the heart, a feeling in which gratitude and hope are mingled.

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The Forestry Commission has been empowered to control the barking of trees in all pastures in the country. Penalties are stiffened and the commission's powers are generally enhanced to enable men who start fires in the forest to be punished. If it produces more, the state must make sure that we get it and that, as far as possible, a share of the increased earnings from the wood taken from the forests is returned to them by way of replanting. and their improvement.

During the debate, several important amendments were adopted, one of which reduces the Minister's powers and correspondingly increases the Commission's powers. A people's civilization is expressed in any of its arts, but is most permanently recorded, because of the nature of the medium, in its structures. Understanding this fact leads us to realize the absurdity of expressing wonder at the beauty of the architecture of barbarian peoples.

The fact of beauty is an unmistakable proof of their divination, as the ugliness of our own works is an unmistakable proof of our own barbarism. Notwithstanding the struggle of our architects as a whole to conform to the superficial forms of classical buildings, no one walking down our streets would for a moment be led by the street as a whole, or by any building, into thinking he was in Greece. To any observer of the future, they would be 5th century or 20th century architecture, not 5th century BC architecture, and they would be branded as shallow, insincere and unimportant.

It belongs to the domain of the historian, who, looking back into the past, can see relationships in work done at certain times under certain conditions. Drawing board architecture we commonly call this method, and accomplish their purpose only clumsily and inefficiently; its location necessarily obscures the light from many of the rooms.

Greeks would not be so absurd in making their house buildings as their temples are. A course labeled "Study of Former Types of Buildings," in which students are directly told to go to the libraries, and draw and combine, so as to familiarize themselves with many beautiful forms as a training for the eye and hand, will be of great value, and will not exclude the honest student from free and full use of the libraries. It is of the utmost importance that students should be taught design, of which they do not get the slightest hint in the schools.

Now architecture is that branch of engineering which undertakes to provide shelter for the various human enterprises. This requires the most thorough education that our communities in the humanities can provide so that we can understand and analyze the diverse human needs. It is high time we worked out some orderliness in this great field of human endeavour, and I am here tonight to urge you all to help to the best of your capacity in this very necessary work.

William Lucas (F.), in proposing a vote of thanks at the request of the President of the V.A.S.S., said that the address of Mrs. regardless of material. In the mental process of every architect there was what might be called an unchanging diagram—a line, either horizontal or vertical; or a figure, whether square, triangular, polygonal or circular—.

As all architectural works comprised both plan and elevation the expression of alternating solidities and voids, it was well to determine which class should be more recognizable and therefore more carefully treated; and as a very small proportion of the void (if judiciously removed) was sufficient for light and ventilation in such a climate as Australia, the element of the window should not be disgraced. To what extent respect for past achievements influenced the mind, connected with loyalty to those forms and features that attracted the individual as unusually beautiful -.


John Holland Rose is a Fellow of Christ's College and has been Lecturer in Modern History at Cambridge since 1911. The proposed appropriation of the Adelphi Estate in London by the Air Board was recently the subject of a protest by the "London Society." ." It would be a great architectural loss to London if this interesting part of the great work of the famous brothers Adam were destroyed. Here for more than six centuries there has been an endless competition of men and women whose names are bright, special stars of royal, literary, dramatic and artistic of the sky.

Durham House, which runs from the Strand to the river in this area, was the town residence of Anthony Beck, Bishop of Durham. But of the famous people whose stage of life has been set over the Adelphi, none affect us so much as the brothers Adam, the geniuses in architecture, who transformed an unsightly ruin into the buildings we are so proud of today. A Committee of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, considered the question of a War Memorial to be erected to the memory of fallen Members of Parliament and their sons, and also to officials of both Houses of Parliament and their boys.

Bertram Mackennal, M.V.O., A.R.A., and will be placed under the great window just inside the public entrance to the House of Commons and facing Westminster Hall. Sir John Lavery, R.A., has been commissioned by the Admiralty to paint a picture of Sir David Beatty meeting Rear-Admiral von Meurer, who headed the German delegation which arranged details. Apprentices and Improvers.-Further conferences have been held in the Institute premises during the last two months, with representatives of the Association of Builders, the Chamber of Commerce, and of the various companies and associations representing all the industries directly connected with the construction trades, with the object of urging the Government to assist in ameliorating the existing conditions of want of apprentices and want of proper training of the few who come forward in the building trades, and to encourage, if not compel, technical training in schools, of those who wish to earn a living in any industry related to our profession in particular.

Dear generals. - The famous success of the architects and especially the members of our institute in the war was the most marked. Two of our members have risen to the highest degrees of honor and glory, and the distinctions conferred by the great commanders of the army, and lastly by the King himself, bear clear testimony to their genius, and should stir our hearts. pride in our fellow architects.

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In the article on "Significance of cracks in reinforced concrete," the fifth paragraph, fourth line from the bottom of page 139, should read: "Overloading of the structure or considerable settlement of supports produces the most serious cracks, in fact, they are usually the only types of cracks of any significant moment occurring in concrete structures."


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