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Five Years to Forty-Five The Rotary Club of Woden


Academic year: 2024

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The club's website is a source of a range of information about the club, including the weekly copy of "The Raven". The amazing work you do with the Western Desert Health Project, your support of the Indigenous Health Scholarship. The club's success depended on the hard work of all members, with the board as its heartbeat.

She praised Keith Avent (secretary for the past three years) and thanked the board for the support. At the beginning of the year the club membership was 33 and the current total is now 36. The excellent teamwork of the board members and the hard work of many members in the ongoing activities of the club;

The Raven's excellent quality in reporting activities, providing information and signaling future activities;. He reported that the Club is now in good financial condition, with the very heavy expenses of the Kintore construction project. President Bernie thanked the Board and all other club members and her family for supporting her during her presidential year.

Thank you to all members of the club and my board for your help and enthusiasm in the past year.


Four members in particular transferred to the new Brindabella E-Club, as their work and activities became incompatible with our club's operating hours. In late 1969 it moved to the relatively new Deakin Inn in Kent Street, Deakin (now demolished). Then there were several moves back and forth to the Embassy until it was sold for residential development, the Federal Golf Club has been experiencing since January 2009.

A move to the Southern Cross Club at Lotus Bay on Lake Burley Griffin was made in 2012 to improve accessibility. The goal is to help students gain an education that will then enable them to use their education to benefit other Indigenous people – hopefully, but not necessarily, in some of our remote areas.


It is a collaborative program between Rotary Health Australia, Rotary clubs, some state or territory governments and the Commonwealth Government. Over the last five years the Rotary Club of Woden has teamed up with Pedal Power to organize a series of charity bike rides, sometimes family events around Lake Burley Griffin, otherwise tougher climbs of some of the mountain peaks adjacent to the Town. These are major events that need many volunteers with the careful and generous cooperation of traffic authorities to ensure the safety of riders and spectators.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Canberra bushfires and the centenary of the Mount Stromlo Observatory, the 2013 event ended at the summit of Mount Stromlo, where participants learned about the places history, including the impact of the fires and how the area has recovered from these tragic events. Many joined the well-known Five Peaks Challenge, choosing the longer 105km or the shorter 66km, enough climbs for everyone, riding these scenic routes around Canberra, finishing at Mount Stromlo to celebrate and refresh. The rides offer a challenge with options and scenic views of Canberra, two refreshment and refueling stops, and food, drink and entertainment at the end of the ride.


Further coverage of this Program can be found in the Rotary Club of Woden Web Site)

The Dialysis Health facility is built in an already existing building (the Blue House) and includes bedrooms, kitchen, laundry room, offices as well. Rotary Clubs provided all labor (in the form of work parties) to convert the Blue House into a Dialysis Health Unit. Western Desert Dialysis (Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation ) is proud to release this February 2014 report on the Service Delivery Model of Remote Dialysis in Central Australia.

This report was prepared by Ernst&Young as part of its pro bono commitment to partner with Indigenous communities and organizations. WDNWPT is a community controlled health service providing dialysis services in five remote communities, from our Purple Truck and in Alice Springs. In summary, the report highlights a range of benefits to the Western Desert Dialysis model of care, including;.

By supporting people to stay in the countryside, there is a greater prospect of children accessing education, adults contributing financially and communities remaining safe and stable.' We have long known that helping people stay in the country for dialysis treatment has huge benefits for individuals, families and entire communities. WDNWPT launched this report on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at their 'PURPLE HOUSE'. base at 69 Flynn Drive, Alice Springs.

During the year 2010-11, the Rotary Foundation and International Director presented a series of presentations covering all aspects of the Foundation. The Club then donated $1,000 to the PolioPlus Fund (to help eradicate polio from the world) and $4,000 to the Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund (Every Rotarian, Every Year). The Rotary worldwide program is to eliminate Polio as there is a new bivalent vaccine, so the cost of disability care will be avoided to free up money to eradicate other debilitating childhood diseases, and to demonstrate that such programs can be successful.

Two recent awardees were: Michael Skene (to Switzerland) 2010-11 and Antonia Skene (to Japan) 2013-14 Rotary Adventure in Citizenship (RAIC). This program has been running for over 20 years and is jointly run by the Rotary Clubs of Canberra and Woden in partnership with Parliament. January marked the last 31 years of the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), bringing top science students now entering Year 12 from Australia for two-week meetings in Canberra or Perth, the former being repeated and hosted by A.N.U and Curtin Univ. .


I. OVERSEAS YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM: offering secondary students an opportunity to live abroad for a year to experience a different


GEORGE PAULUS PRIZE FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: John Studholme and Roberta Molson 2009 – Parliamentary Education Office – for RAIC.

The Charter Presentation Meeting

President: Jeff Ibbotson Secretary: Mike Rodd I P President: John Robson Treasurer: Bruce Wyatt President Elect: Lyn Svanosio Club Service & Administration:. Member Information: Ken Goard Photo Notes: Ian Excell Newsletters: John Gray, Alec Philip, Debbie Whitfield, Bruce Wyatt Facebook: Lyn Svanosio, Bruce Wyatt Webmaster: John Widdup.


Honorary Members are selected by the Club as individuals who have exemplified the ideals of Rotary in their lives.


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