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Worst Case Scenario


Academic year: 2022

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The object of this study is to establish whether the New Zealand Police, a public sector agency, uses the reputation management techniques image repair discourse in

disadvantage have special resonance for the Australian Aboriginal community, where the construct, the best interests of the child, has been applied and has resulted in an

Assessment basis of worst credible scenario equal to loss of 36 kL of consumable during the wet season.. Plains Death Adder, Gouldian Finch,

Cumulative noise levels under worst case weather conditions during the night which is the most sensitive time period, from both the project and approved mining areas, are

Perhaps love in the context of professional relationships within the social work process is at the heart of a 21st century emancipation and liberation of Māori and other

The Swedish school authorities have drawn attention to this work and designated the school ‘the best school in Sweden working for equal value 2008’. Student empowerment, child’s

Similar to our discussion above, when firms are sorted based on compensation policy, best- governance firms issue significantly larger equity than that of worst-governance firms while

The majority of private land in the MRA is peri-urban land located outside of rural villages.. The primary determinant of the market value of peri-urban lands is likely to

According to Dines, economic and cultural forces influence the social construction of gender and are actively involved in the cultural production of images and social practices

Using a Visited list, the worst-case time performance is limited by the number of states in the search space rather than the number of paths through the nodes in the space (which

I Conversely, Regev showed that if one can solve LWE in the average case then one can solve a variant of the closest vector problem in a lattice in the worst-case. Regev further

At the Mackay Local Disaster Management Group Meeting on Thursday 30 th January 2014, advice was received from the BoM of a probable 0.4m storm surge with a worst case scenario of

This Major Development Plan (MDP) outlines the proposed construction of a 4-4.5 star hotel of between 150 and 200 rooms with meeting/conference facilities located within the

The total ABC contribution to Australian screen drama, combined with approximately $125 million in external funding, delivered up to $244 million in production value to

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O(log n) average-case and O(n) worst-case running time for find, insert, findMin, and findMax operations, as well as for selecting a single item (just as in quickselect)....

Sessional Com m ittee on the Environm ent 79.. A strong research and development effort, particularly into the integration of control methods, is essential to the

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The noise modelling results indicate that the noise levels from the Project are likely to exceed the Project criteria during non-standard construction hours in worst case

The need for the latter is due variously to the relative ease with which macroeconomic imbalances can re-emerge under lax policy settings, the still relatively inconclusive

To consider the cumulative effects of NO 2 emissions, the air quality assessment presents a worse-case scenario (scenario 5), in which all three gas turbines at the Yarnima

Benzene (ppb) change in annual max 1-hour (MDA1) ground level concentrations from Scenario 2 due to future industry (S3-S2) for a subset of the CAMx 1.33 km domain centred over

5.15 At the time of Mr C’s requests for access to the NDIS, the NDIA did not have any policy or guideline dealing specifically with incarcerated individuals and access to the NDIS.