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Academic year: 2022



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Tuesday 14 June 2022 Wednesday 15 June 2022 Thursday 16 June 2022 Monday 20 June 2022 Tuesday 21 June 2022 Wednesday 22 June 2022 Thursday 23 June 2022

The Estimates Committee examined the estimates of proposed expenditure contained in the Appropriation Bill 2022-2023 and the Statements of Corporate Intent 2022-2023 for the Power and Water Corporation, Jacana Energy and Territory Generation. Questions were raised by some Members on the following issues:


Chief Minister (Independent



• Strategic Review of Auditor-General’s Office

• Impact of staffing levels on the capacity of the Auditor General’s Office

• Skill shortages due to COVID-19

• Number of referrals to ICAC

• Audit of A Plan for Budget Repair implementation

• Audit of Home Improvement Scheme

• Referral of former Attorney-General Uibo under Public Information Act

NT Electoral Commission

• Engagement and voter participation strategies in remote areas

• Complaints regarding voting practices

• Timeframe for tabling Election Report to Parliament

• Council by-elections

• Incorporation of unincorporated areas

• Low voter turnout in Federal election

• Enrolment of younger people on the electoral roll decreasing

• Staffing levels

• Closure of Alice Springs NTEC office

• Communication strategies in the lead up to elections

• Remote polling booth and homelands communication strategy

• Voter turnout research study

• Daly by-election advertising expenditure



Chief Minister (Independent



• Impact of ICAC Office budget reduction

• Review of ICAC Act

• Cataloguing of Information Commissioner matters

• Number of full time staff and investigators

• Potential liabilities arising from Supreme Court proceedings

• Impact of budget cuts on ICAC’s public education role

• Cost of reviewing the ICAC Act

• ICAC reports to the Assembly

• Percentage of complaints leading to an investigation

• Public interest immunity of cabinet documents

• Darwin Turf Club Grant

• Publication of investigation reports

• Holding of public hearings

• Recording conflict of interest declarations

• Role of the ICAC Executive Assistant

• Referral of leak from ICAC office re Turf Club matter to Police

• Pre-employment checks for ICAC staff

• Number of secret recordings made by ICAC without a warrant

• Attracting staff to ICAC office

• Budget efficiency measures

• Jurisdictional sharing of resources across ICAC offices

• Staff turnover Ombudsman

• Publication of Ombudsman’s Paget Report

• Review of Victims of Crime Assistance legislation

• Review of administration of Victims of Crime legislation

• Number of complaints for current reporting period

• Number of complaints from Victims of Crime

• Number of complaints regarding Jacana Energy and Power and Water Corporation

• Number of inquiries regarding changes to feed-in tariff

• Backlog of police matters

• Funding to deal with freedom of information requests

• Number of freedom of information inquiries received in current reporting period

Chief Minister Major Projects


• Responses to global written questions

• Economic development projects in Alice Springs

• Inclusion of Project Sea Dragon and luxury hotel as major projects

• Major projects facilitated by Investment Territory

• New initiatives to reduce debt

• New initiatives to reduce crime

• Cost of living pressures

• Fuel price disclosure legislation

• Public service pay freeze



Chief Minister Major Projects


• Boundless Possible marketing campaign

• Resources for Independent Members

• Aboriginal Interpreter Service funding

• Budget decreases in Territory Regional Growth output

• Projects delivered in, and proposed for, Alice Springs

• Assistance being provided to Wadeye

• Freedom of the press

• NT Independent

• Status of Project Sea Dragon

• Information provided on ‘Major Projects’ website

• Status of Darwin Ship Lift project

• Investment Territory budget

• Investment Territory consultancy and staffing costs

• Local Jobs Fund

• Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission Report

• Hydraulic fracturing grants

• Funding for Albatross amphibious aircraft project

• Major projects currently being progressed

• Darwin Waterfront Precinct developments

• Impact of crime on Darwin Waterfront Precinct

• Operation of the Beach Club at the Darwin Waterfront Precinct

• Composition of Darwin Waterfront board

• Staffing levels in Ministerial offices

• Budget to support Ministers and Leader of the Opposition

• Budget for Media Unit and Protocol

• Ministerial travel costs in Daly electorate Land Development Corporation

• Increase in residential development income

• Competition between Land Development Corporation and private enterprise

• Completion date for Kilgariff stage 2


• Breakdown of health budget

• Breakdown of variation in 2021-22 budget

• Cost recovery associated with Centre for National Resilience (CNR)

• Cost of motel accommodation for CNR staff

• Average debt per person outstanding for CNR

• Recovery of outstanding quarantine accommodation fees

• Costs of patient travel between remote communities and Howard Springs CNR

• Ongoing utilisation of Howard Springs Centre

• Changes to vaccination mandate

• Provision of COVID-19 health advice

• Influence of National Cabinet meetings on local health directives

• Revenue for Veterans’ Affairs




• Cessation of COVID-19 public health state of emergency

• Public service terminations due to COVID-19 vaccination mandate

• Changes to Chief Health Officer directions

• Vacancy rates in remote health clinics

• Resignation rates for remote and regional health staff

• Breakdown of staff resignations

• Impact of redirection of health resources during COVID-19 pandemic

• Alcohol and other drug treatment in remote communities

• Health clinic services in remote communities

• Flu vaccinations

• Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease cases

• Closure of residential alcohol rehabilitation facility in Alice Springs

• Staff safety in remote communities

• Criminal offences at remote health clinics

• Remote health clinic centralised call centre

• Overtime costs for clinical staff at NT’s six main hospitals

• Provision of free flu vaccine to all NT residents

• Funding for renal dialysis services in Barkly region

• Management of health services in Barkly region

• Vacancies at Tennant Creek Hospital

• Staffing of Epenarra Health Clinic

• Number of emergency department beds at the Palmerston Regional Hospital

• Cost of patient travel from Palmerston Regional Hospital to Royal Darwin Hospital in 2021-2022


• Projected budget surplus in 2024-25

• Major projects included in budget forecast

• Predicted increase to GST

• National Aboriginal Art Gallery as an economic driver for Alice Springs

• Projected increases to own source revenue

• Mining royalties over the forward estimates

• Plan for fiscal restraint

• Onshore gas royalties

• Plans to pay down existing debt

• Fiscal deficit over the forward estimates

• Achieving net debt to revenue ratio of 50%

• Projected decrease in employee expenses

• Public service wages policy

• Interest expenses and impact of rate rises

• Capital and current grant expenditure

• Efficiency dividend applied to agencies

• Payroll tax rates




• Population forecasts

• Langoulant Report A Plan for Budget Repair

• Impact of setback of Project Sea Dragon on economic forecast

• Pipeline of prospective projects

• Role of private investment on economic growth forecasts

• Number of private investment major projects that have come on line over the past four years

• Auditor-General’s assessment of implementation of A Plan for Budget Repair

• Repercussions and sanctions for agencies that do not meet their budgetary responsibilities

• Sanctions issued by Cabinet Budget Subcommittee

• Implementation of Auditor-General’s recommendations regarding A Plan for Budget Repair

• Strategies to counter the impact of rising inflation on Territory families

• Impact of changes to feed-in tariff

• Recovery of grandstand grant from Darwin Turf Club

• Recouping government grants from the Infrastructure Development Fund

• Treasurer’s Advances issued in 2021-22

• Increases to mining tax

• Hybrid mining tax


• Three-year-old preschool trial and attendance rates

• Mobile playgroups program

• Access to Family as First Teachers program

• Zuccoli Primary School capacity and expansion

• Concerns relating to safety for School of the Air contact visits in Alice Springs

• School based policing budget

• Breakdown of school based police by region

• Departmental policy on student travel for excursions during COVID-19 pandemic

• Upgrading parking areas in school zones and kiss and go zones

• Building Better Schools

• Tennant Creek Primary School upgrades

• Holtze Government School

• Land Use Plan to identify Community Purpose Land for future school sites

• Community led schools

• Flexible learning centre resources

• Test and tag in schools

• Policy for running air conditioning in schools

• Upgrades to air conditioning in schools

• Air purifiers in remote schools




• School attendance target, rates and strategy

• Impact of sorry business on school attendance

• Parents and carers prosecuted for non-attendance

• Engagement officer and compliance officer vacancies

• Terminations due to COVID-19 vaccination mandate

• Breakdown of resignations by level

• Principal separations

• Budget allocation for principal support and development

• STEM / STEAM centre expenditure

• Re-establishing truancy officers

• 10 year engagement strategy

• Engagement with families to address low attendance

• Teacher housing in Katherine

• School closure in Wadeye

• Taminmin School fire damage

• Repairs to Taminmin College

• Renaming of internal buildings in schools

• Implementation of executive contract officer pay freeze policy

• Renewals of executive contracts

• STARS program timeframes

Infrastructure, Planning and

Logistics Territory Development

• Infrastructure NT projects and budget allocation

• Strategic Project Office

• Underground power investment and progress

• Publication of Construction Snapshot

• Upgrade of Kirkland Road/Woodlake Boulevard intersection

• Completion of Weddell freeway

• National Aboriginal Art Gallery

• Budget to relocate Rugby League and Rugby Union from Anzac Hill Oval

• Upgrade of Anzac Parade at Middle Point

• Katherine Logistics and Agribusiness Hub

• Katherine flood mitigation works

• Francis Bay mooring basin lock upgrade

• Budget allocation for Infrastructure NT

• Borroloola government centre

• Borroloola cyclone shelter

• Review of cyclone shelters in remote communities

• Completion of Purkiss Reserve development Tennant Creek

• TIO stadium non-compliance issues and occupancy certificate

• ICAC review of procurement processes in Katherine DIPL office

• Upgrade of Eurella Road intersection

• Upgrade of Point Stuart Road

• Recreational fishing infrastructure

• Reporting line for Tennant Creek DIPL office



Planning and Logistics

• Repairs and maintenance budget for Tennant Creek and the Barkly

• Flood mitigation report for Alice Springs

• Rural Bus Service contract

• $220 million tender for Darwin and Palmerston bus service

Tourism and Hospitality Mining and Industry Northern Australia and


• Status of Finniss Core Lithium project

• Inclusion of timelines for final investment decisions for mining projects on government website

• $10 million budget decrease for mines services output

• Federal Government funding for Rum Jungle remediation

• Agreement with Federal Government on rehabilitation of Rum Jungle project

• Mining regulation staffing FTE and vacancies

• Advertising mining regulation vacancies

• Number of staff moving to DEPWS as a consequence of machinery of government changes

• Variation in mine services output due to mine remediation

• Balance of Mine Remediation Fund and interest earned

• Variation in staff working in the Mine Remediation Fund area

• Departmental KPIs

• Exploration and mining activities in Tennant Creek and Barkly region

• Strategies to attract workers to Tennant Creek

• KGL Resources Jervois Copper project

• Mineral exploration expenditure target

• Mineral title applications

• Timeframe for mine management determinations

• Mineral Development Taskforce

• Strategies to attract investment in the NT

• Regulatory inspections of mining and mineral explorations

• Status of the mines currently operating in the NT

• Newmont mine attracting workers to Darwin

• Update on the TNG project at Mount Peake

• Nathan River Resources

• Ammaroo phosphate mine

• Update on Molyhil tungsten and malidium project

• Assessment status of Arafura Resources Nolans Project

• Government assistance to Arafura Resources for development of separation plant

• Federal Government support for development of resources sector

• Legacy Mines Strategic Plan

• Legacy Mines Advisory Group

• Grant funding to petroleum companies

• Native Title holder objections to fracking in Beetaloo Basin

• Budget appropriation for legacy mines



Tourism and Hospitality Mining and Industry Northern Australia and


• Expenditure of Remediation Mine Fund

• Onshore gas exploration permits awarded in 2021-22

• Number of onshore gas exploration permits that have been denied

• Timeframe for approval of onshore gas exploration permits

• Current onshore gas exploration activity

• Implementation of Pepper Inquiry recommendations

• Addressing threats to development of onshore gas resources

• Proposals for pipelines in the NT

• Review of Petroleum Royalties legislation

• ‘Have Your Say’ project

• Stakeholders engaged on Onshore Gas Supply Services Working Group

• Number of staff employed in the energy development group

• Number of onshore gas production licenses currently in place

• Offsetting carbon emissions from onshore gas production

• Sovereign wealth funds

• Consultation with gas industry on reservation policies

• Projects and initiatives included in the Industry Strategy output

• International Engagement Strategy

• Prevention of cattle Lumpy Skin Disease in the NT

• Update on Project Sea Dragon major project status

• Priority areas for Northern Australia Development Fund

• Status of Albatross Project

• Tourism marketing expenditure, evaluation and KPIs

• National Visitor Survey

• Tennant Creek Streetscape project

• Social media influencer expenditure for Bass in the Grass

• Tourism Central Australia Information Centre

• Machinery of Government changes

• Tennant Creek Streetscape Project

• Value of cruising and luxury yachts to NT tourism market

• Engagement with the Port of Darwin and yacht tracking for tourism

• Impact of crime on Alice Springs tourism market and businesses

• Safety concerns for tourists and businesses

• Occupancy rates in Alice Springs tourist accommodation

• Impact of vaccination mandate on hospitality workers and businesses

• Health advice regarding hospitality worker mandate

• Business support packages for the tourism industry during COVID-19 pandemic

• Decision by Qantas to cut direct flights between Darwin/Alice Springs and Perth

• Spend on tourism vouchers

• Completion of Red Centre Bikeway

• Screen industry investment, opportunities and budget funding



Parks and Rangers

• Increase to Parks and Rangers budget

• Proposed parks pass for non NT residents

• Revenue to date for the NT Parks online booking system for camping

• Budget for the development and implementation of the online booking system

• Complaints mechanism for the online booking system

• Number and type of complaints received to date

• Absence of park rangers for addressing occupancy of camping sites by people who did not book

• Lack of up to date information on booking system including parks closed for camping or swimming

• Strategies to address connectivity issues in NT parks

• FTE staffing levels for Parks and Wildlife Commission

• Limmen Bight Marine Park

• Plans to reduce or expand hunting reserves

Environment, Climate Change

and Water Security

• 2022-23 reduction in Natural Resources budget allocation

• Plans to move regulation of mining industry out of DEPWS

• Implementation of Pepper Inquiry recommendations

• Further amendments to the Environment Protection Act

• Consultation with stakeholders

• Office of Water Security vacancies

• Department vacancies

• Hydraulic fracturing in the Beetaloo Basin

• Offsetting hydraulic fracturing carbon emissions

• Climate change strategy

• Evaluating ecologically sustainable projects

• Changes to land clearing applications

• Simplified land clearing policy

• Small scale land clearing

• Pastoral land clearing application numbers and timeframes

• Greenhouse gas abatement plans

• Reduction of carbon footprint in land clearing

• Federal Labor Government commitment to hydraulic fracturing

• Increased funding for Office of Climate Change

• Current priorities and expenditure for the Office of Climate Change

• Opportunities to further develop carbon credits in the NT

• Magpie geese population and aerial survey

• Determining magpie geese bag limits

• Saltwater crocodile management plan

• Saltwater crocodile egg collection

• Crocodile safari hunting industry

• Biodiversity offset policy consultation and completion timeframe

• Weeds compliance notices

• Management of gamba grass



Environment, Climate Change

and Water Security

• Gamba compliance inspections and notices

• Funding for the Gamba Army program

• Management of gamba grass on Territory and Crown land

• Mapping the Future initiative

• Environmental assessment for Manton Dam return to service

• Status of Arows project

• Water Allocation Plans

• Obligation of land owners regarding capture of surface water

• Timeframes for approval of water extraction licences

• Priorities for the Water Resources Unit

• Cross agency working group for Manton Dam return to service

• Process for water trading applications

• Strategic Aboriginal Water Reserve Policy

• Revocation of Larrimah water allocation licence

• Development of Strategic Water Plan

• Publication of submissions to consultation on Strategic Water Plan

• Singleton Station water licence

• Status of Central Land Council request for a freeze on water allocations in Western Davenport region

• Number of fire management plans in place and number under review

• Community education and volunteer fire fighter training

• Property firebreak inspections by Bushfires NT

• Number of warning letters and infringement notices issued

• Onshore gas information portal

• Illegal dumping of tyres

• Circular Economy Strategy

• Reuse and recycling of tyres

• Emergency contingencies for an oil spill in the NT

• Incidence of illegal dumping in the NT

• Illegal dumping pollution reports

• Environmental management plans for onshore activity

• Submission of whole of project environmental management plans

• Strategies to address illegal landfilling

• Environment Protection Authority fines and penalties

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

• Machinery of government changes

• Transfer of secure care unit to mental health

• Forensic mental health services budget

• Implementation of forensic mental health and disability services review

• Forensic psychologist positions

• Aboriginal forensic mental health workers

• Contact with mental health services by people who died from suicide

• Review of mental health legislation



Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

• Suicide rates in the NT

• Variation in KPIs regarding mental health presentations

• Impact of COVID-19 on access to mental health services

• Darwin mental health centre access and expenditure

• Mental health beds in Alice Springs Hospital

• Youth mental health beds

• Mental health presentations at hospitals

• Katherine mental health liaison team

• Investment in mental health after care services

• Trial and evaluation of co-responder model

• Mental health presentations to emergency departments

• Mental health professionals based in emergency departments

• Average wait time for mental health inpatient services at RDH

Police, Fire and Emergency


• Priorities in relation to morale and wellbeing of police, fire and emergency services

• Internal report on police wellbeing

• Implementation of wellbeing report recommendations

• Chaplaincy positions vacant in Alice Springs

• Police psychologist position in Alice Springs

• Publication of wellbeing report

• Additional resourcing required to address mental health and wellbeing recommendations

• Mental health issues treated as disciplinary issues

• Preventative and responsive mental health services budget

• Police attrition rate and strategies to lower attrition rate

• Police separation exit interviews

• Uptake of exit interview by retiring police officers

• Breakdown of police separations

• Breakdown of police separations by rank

• Separations due to COVID-19 vaccination mandate

• Officers stood down on pay related to COVID-19 vaccination mandate

• Number of FTE of sworn officers

• Relationship between executive and rank and file members

• Strategies to strengthen relationship between rank and file and the executive in police service

• Strategies to improve morale in police, fire and emergency services

• Issues relating to support for police from Territory Families

• Rank and file members’ confidence in Police Commissioner

• Rebuilding confidence in the Police Commissioner

• Results of People Matters Survey

• Disciplinary reform and legislative amendments

• Number and type of complaints received by Professional Standards and disciplinary action taken



Police, Fire and Emergency


• Operation of section 14C of Police Administration Act

• Budget for external psychology and support services by police officers

• Number of section 79 notices issued in the reporting period

• Support for police officers while suspended

• Number and type of wellbeing staff in police service

• Number of police officers suspended with and without pay

• Consideration of raising age of retirement for police officers

• Funding changes for dog squad and water police

• Use of multi-function facility at Police Club

• Return to work programs

• Private security to supplement police activities in Darwin and Alice Springs CBDs

• People under the age of 18 in protective custody

• Strategies to address antisocial behaviour

• Protective custody provisions

• Darwin watch house

• Nightcliff police station permanent officers

• Aboriginal liaison officer housing

• Aboriginal liaison officer salaries

• Aboriginal liaison officers training, support and mentorship

• Workplace Optimisation Survey project

• Impact of COVID-19 on officer deployment

• Introduction of e-rostering system

• Nightcliff Police Station construction costs

• Police vans in operation on the road

• Number of assaults on police reported

• Expenditure regarding damage to police vehicles and property

• Expenditure on soft interview rooms in Darwin and Alice Springs

• Number of people taken to police watch houses

• Number of people taken to sobering up shelters

• Number of police officers currently on extended sick leave

• Number of firearms licences, registered firearms, and number of licence cancellations

• School based policing program

• Use of auxiliary police in school based policing program

• Investment in community safety initiatives

• Efficacy of community CCTV register

• Cross-cultural and language training required of police officers

• Installation of CCTV cameras in Nhulunbuy

• Young people apprehended and granted bail since amendments to the Youth Justice legislation commenced

• Number of youth bailed with electronic monitoring

• Number of youth arrested for a serious breach of bail

• Number of police youth conferences held in reporting period



Police, Fire and Emergency


• Victim offender conferencing numbers

• Number of 000 calls received during the reporting period by region

• Number of 000 calls answered within 10 seconds

• Number of police CCTV cameras in Alice Springs

• Status of SerPro System

• Number of police negotiator positions in Alice Springs

• Police checks of people on curfew orders

• Remote policing numbers

• Police numbers in remote communities

• Police resources in Alice Springs

• Status of strike force Orion

• Crime reduction plan for the Northern Territory

• Measures to address domestic, family and sexual violence

• Functions of Alcohol Policing Unit

• Cost of Yuendumu shooting police investigation

• Number of vehicles seized under the Hoon legislation in Palmerston in the reporting period

• Review of Alice Springs Fire Station capability

• Capacity to fight fires in high rise buildings

• Cost of break in at Alice Springs Emergency Services Unit

• Use of facial recognition technology by police, fire and emergency services

Territory Families Prevention of Domestic, Family

and Sexual Violence


• Site and model for northern suburbs youth hub

• Territory Families staff working in youth hubs

• Update on recommendations about the Alice Springs youth hub

• Status of youth hubs in town camps

• Average number of youth on the streets at night in Alice Springs

• Funding for youth detention staffing

• Participation in community work programs

• Number of young people participating in court ordered work programs

• Completion rates for court ordered and community work programs

• Number of victim offender conferences undertaken in the reporting period

• Decline in rate of victim offender conferences

• Cost of conducting victim offender conferences

• Alice Springs Jesuit social services

Attorney-General and Justice

• Office for the Solicitor of the Northern Territory staffing and vacancies

• Amount paid out in judgements and settlements by the Office of the Solicitor for the Northern Territory in reporting period

• Number and subject of civil claims initiated against the Northern Territory over the past twelve months



Attorney-General and Justice

• Number and subject of civil claims initiated by the Northern Territory over the past twelve months

• Outsourcing legal counsel expenses

• Engagement of external legal counsel

• Engagement of external legal counsel outside of the NT

• Reduction of chargeable hours in last reporting period

• Number and subject matter of referrals to Law Reform Committee in the past 12 months

• Cross agency sentencing review working group

• Policies to lower rate of offending in particular youth offending

• Protecting frontline workers from assaults

• Legislative changes to increase penalties for assaults on frontline workers

• Abolition of mandatory sentencing

• Alternatives to custody for low level offences

• Budget commitment to roll out alternatives to custody

• Reducing age of criminal responsibility

• Impact of raising the age of criminal responsibility to 12 years old

• Interventions and responses for children under the age of criminal responsibility

• Family responsibility orders taken out in the past 12 months

• Considerations taken into account when determining what offences should be strict liability offences

• Priorities to strengthen youth justice system

• Government policy on the use of spit hoods in custody

• Role of the department in review of the ICAC Act

• Capacity of Legal Aid Commission to resume Bush Court work

• Additional funding provided to women’s legal services

• Release of the terms of reference of and submissions to the review of the ICAC Act

• Funding for the Crime Victims Services unit

• Number of FTEs and vacancies in the Crime Victims Services Unit

• Number of claims currently being administered by Crime Victims Services Unit

• Reason for delays in finalising Victims of Crime claims

• Review of Victims of Crime legislation

• Amount paid out to victims of crime in the reporting period

• Source of revenue for Crime Victims Services Unit

• Crime statistics portal

• Recidivism and reoffending rates for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal offenders

• Role of Criminal Justice Research and Statistics Unit

• Release of monthly crime statistics

• Establishment of Aboriginal Law and Justice groups

• Aboriginal Justice Unit priorities and achievements



Attorney-General and Justice

• Number of signatories to the Aboriginal Justice Agreement

• Staffing of the Aboriginal Justice Unit

• Budget allocation for Aboriginal Justice Unit

• Funding for community led justice initiatives

• Aboriginal Justice Agreement Law Reform Review

• Current prisoner numbers and operational capacity for each site across the NT

• Staffing FTE for each custodial facility

• Recruitment action currently underway for Darwin and Alice Springs correctional facilities

• Staff rosters

• Number of recruits currently undertaking inductions

• Programs in correctional facilities

• Overtime expenditure in correctional facilities

• Custodial officer attrition rate

• Exit interviews for correctional staff

• Number of vacancies in correctional facilities

• Budget allocation for personnel at the Darwin and Alice Springs Correctional Centres

• Number of vacancies in community corrections

• Suspension of Alice Springs work parties

• Community correction works in Palmerston

• Community correction reparation work parties

• Number of prisoners on community work orders

• Number of prisoners engaged in work programs

• Use of private security at the Darwin Correctional Centre

• KPI targets for successful completion of community service orders

• Electronic monitoring contract and costs

• Real time notification of electronic monitoring breaches

• Hours of community service work

• Budget expenditure for supervision component in community work orders

• Supervised community correction orders across the Territory

• Parole board membership

• Alcohol and other drug services for parolees

• Number of offenders on supervised parole

• Percentage of offenders that complete terms of parole

• Aggregate fines and penalties outstanding

• Department of Public Prosecutions staffing and vacancies

• Department of Public Prosecutions budget

• Referrals to DPP from ICAC regarding Darwin Turf Club

• Workplace safety regarding temporary building permits

• Investigations at BRAADAG in Tennant Creek

• NT WorkSafe budget

• Number of WorkSafe investigators and inspectors



Racing, Gaming and Licensing

Desert Knowledge


• Reduction to racing, gaming and liquor licensing output

• Repayment of $12 million Darwin Turf Club grant

• Community Benefit Fund grants

• Number of gaming machine licences

• Revoking gaming machine licences

• Gross profit increase from gaming machines

• Changes in gaming machine revenue during COVID-19

• Publication of minimum floor price review

• Minimum floor price KPIs

• Licensing complaints investigated and actions taken

• Mixed takeaway alcohol purchases in Tennant Creek

• Declaration of private restricted premises by region

• Desert Knowledge Australia funding

• Desert Knowledge Australia CEO salary

Local Government

• Budget reduction to Territory Regional Growth output group

• Local government special purpose reviews

• Local government compliance reviews

• Training provided to local councils and authorities

• Impact of vaccine mandate on councils receiving funding

• LG2030 vision document

• Incorporation of unincorporated areas in Marrakai, Douglas Daly and Cox Peninsula regions

• Incorporation of Northcrest

• Councillors not vaccinated by CHO direction deadlines

Business, Jobs and Training Agribusiness and

Fisheries Major Events Veterans’ Affairs

• Budget allocated to Veterans’ Affairs

• Amount claimed by veterans under NT Concession Scheme

• Essential goods and services offered to veterans through NT Concession Scheme

• Funding for veterans to NT Concession Scheme

• Initiatives to protect the NT from Lumpy Skin, Foot and Mouth and Japanese Encephalitis

• Reduction in funding for biosecurity and animal welfare

• Number of biosecurity officers in the department

• Funding for response and preparedness in relation to biosecurity risks

• Collaboration with the Commonwealth regarding biosecurity risks

• Extent of emergency biosecurity statutory powers

• Support for Chief Veterinary Officer

• Strategies to deal with current Banana Freckle outbreak

• Development of Aboriginal procurement policy

• Building capacity of Aboriginal Business Enterprises

• Budget decrease for Agriculture output

• Current estimated number of cattle in the NT

• Coordination of agricultural investment in the NT

• Status of Singleton horticulture project



Business, Jobs and Training Agribusiness and

Fisheries Major Events Veterans’ Affairs

• Katherine agribusiness hub

• Million Dollar Fish competition

• Black Lip Oysters trial

• Reduction in Fisheries budget

• Investment in Aquaculture research and development projects

• Establishment of an Aboriginal fishing body

• Establishment of an Aboriginal sea company

• Priorities for the Aquaculture Centre

• Research into the buyback of commercial barramundi licences

• Impact of commercial harvesting and netting practices

• Strategies to prevent and address over fishing

• Review of commercial barramundi fishing practices

• Update on access to Manbulloo Station

• Ablution block at Daly River boat ramp

• Upgrade of Point Stuart road

• Priorities for Recreational Fishing Fund

• Sealing of last 16 km of Gunn Point Road

• Number of staff supporting the Chief Veterinary Officer

• Alice Springs livestock inspector position

• Increase to business and innovation budget output

• COVID-19 business support packages

• Strategies to address impacts of crime on businesses

• Bizsecure grant funding

• Strategies to address skills and worker shortage

• Buy Local Plan

• KPIs relating to investment in events

• Commitment to Red Centre Nats Public


• NTPS separation and turnover rate

• NTPS resignations compared to previous reporting period

• Number of NT public servants

• Cost of legal counsel in the reporting period

Housing and Homelands

Essential Services

• Ministerial portfolios and machinery of government changes

• Support for community housing sector

• Community housing providers

• Affordable housing and tenancy support funding

• Police housing, vacancies and standards

• Government employee housing

• Provision of safe and sustainable drinking water in remote communities

• Water quality testing on homelands

• Alternative energy solutions in communities

• Solar power generation in remote communities

• Determination of housing types in remote communities

• Life expectancy of modular versus block homes

• Average cost of modular and block homes



Housing and Homelands

Essential Services

• Strategies to address overcrowding in remote communities

• Remote housing life expectancy

• Federal government $100 million pre-election commitment for homelands

• Federal partnership discussions about housing on homelands

• Expansion of remote housing program to homelands and town camps

• Strategies to address rising cost of housing repairs and maintenance on homelands

• ‘Safe Care House’ program

• Key place based solutions to address homelessness

• Specialist support programs for homelessness

• Homelessness services to residents in Wadeye impacted by social unrest in the community

• Level and estimated cost of damage to housing in Wadeye as a consequence of recent unrest

• Recovery of costs regarding damage to housing in Wadeye

• Impact of Wadeye unrest on homelessness budget

• Batten Road homelessness facility

• Strategies to address illegal camping in Alice Springs

• COVID-19 rental subsidy and affordable housing stimulus package

• Venture housing rental subsidy scheme

• Number and type of public housing dwellings

• Number of people living in public housing dwellings

• Number of applications on public housing waitlist by region

• Length of waitlist by region

• Vacant public housing properties and breakdown by length of vacancy

• Average public housing property vacancy

• Urban public housing to be built in 2022-23

• Urban public housing stock sold in the 2021-22 financial year

• Urban housing lease costs over the reporting period

• Strategies to address availability of affordable housing

• Remote public housing stock by region

• Number of people on remote public housing wait list by region

• Number of vacant remote public housing properties by region

• Average length of time people are on wait list for remote housing

• Longest wait time for remote housing

• Price discrepancy to build houses in Palumpa and Peppimenarti

• Town camp housing and land tenure

• Value of uncollected rent in remote housing by region

• Strategies to recover outstanding debt in public housing

• Number of new remote public housing built over the past two years



Housing and Homelands

Essential Services

• Costs to build remote public housing

• Value to the Territory of building modular versus block public housing

• Number of homes and residents in town camps across the NT

• Development of Homelands Policy

• Priorities for Federal contribution to Homelands Policy

• Number of homes to be delivered through $100m Federal Homelands funding

• Upgrades to town camps

• Number of government employee houses across the NT

• Number of new government employee houses delivered in the reporting period

• Number of government employee houses transferred to social housing

• Government employee housing in Elliot

• Indigenous Essential Services

• Decrease to NT Home Ownership revenue

• Budget forecasting for NT Home Ownership revenue

Renewables and Energy

• Reduced solar feed-in tariff

• Modelling used in decision to reduce feed-in tariff

• Impacts of reduced feed-in tariff

• Home and business battery scheme

• Number of home battery installations

• Expenditure on expert consultancies

• Hydrogen revolution planning Treaty and Local

Decision Making Aboriginal Affairs

• $8 million payment for Blue Mud Bay agreement

• Strategies to reduce violence in remote communities

• Women and children safe houses

• Aboriginal Interpreter Service

Corporate and Digital Development

• Number of applications to receive goods and services outside of the Territory

• Audits of procurement activities

• Number of non-compliant procurement actions

• Compliance with ‘Buy Local’ remit

• Complaints received regarding Buy Local Advocate

• Number of training sessions delivered by Finance Services

• Increase to property leasing services budget

• Difference between vehicle management services and NT Fleet

• Staffing in vehicle management services

• Status of major IT projects

• Use of out of state employees by ICT contractors

• Out of state employees working in DCDD

• Strategies to maintain PIPS in absence of out of state technical support



Corporate and Digital Development

• Funding for Banned Drinkers Register (BDR)

• Strategies to deal with point of sale issues with BDR

• Cost to replace point of sale BDR devices

• Cost of upgrading BDR software

• Increase in budget for agency business systems and support services

• Number of projects managed by enterprise project services

• Number of contractors retained and managed by enterprise project services (EPS)

• FTEs in EPS

• Current staff turnover on projects managed by EPS

• Retention of ICT contractors

• Implementation of retention scheme

• Update on development and deployment of CARE system

• Status of SAGE whole of government budget management system

• Status of Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (Acacia system)

• Status of SerPro system

• Use of ‘evidence.com’ by NT Police Service

• Anticipated on-going costs for SerPro

• Status of Veritas and Odyssey systems

• Management of user acceptance testing

• Improvements to NTG record management systems and associated costs

• Installation of mobile phone tower in King Ash Bay

• Plans to install mobile phone towers along the Plenty Highway

• Remote co-investment digital connectivity program

• Upgrades to telecommunications in remote communities

• Funding for mobile telecommunications infrastructure in homelands

• Remote small cells program

• KPIs regarding digital services in regional areas

• Strategies to develop reliable connectivity in Dundee Beach

International Education

• Increase in budget for targeted international market activities

• Number of international students pre and post COVID-19

• Number of students studying online versus number residing in the NT

• Efficiency dividend

• Expenditure breakdown in reporting period

• Grant programs delivered in reporting period

• Number and type of grant recipients

• Number of international students who left the NT prior to completion of their study

• Revenue from international education pre and post COVID-19



International Education

• Expenditure on flights and accommodation for students in the reporting period

• Longitudinal study looking at economic and social contribution of international students

• Measurement of international student satisfaction

• Wellbeing initiatives for international students

• Incentives for international students to study in the NT

• Budget and staffing for Study NT office

• Marketing fund to support local providers

• Study NT KPIs

• Strategies to attract Chinese students

• Welcome program for international students

• Welcome program for international students

• Home-stay network in the NT for international students

• Student ambassador program

• Number of CRICO registered places in the NT

Power and Water Corporation

• Review of Power and Water Corporation

• Number of Board Members

• Number of executive positions currently vacant

• Executive staff turnover

• Number of people currently acting in executive roles

• Number of executive officers based interstate

• Greatest short to medium term risks for Power and Water Corporation

• Integration of renewable energy

• Forecast profit and loss

• Thermal generation back-up for renewable energy

• Investment required to achieve transition to renewable energy

• Current borrowings by Power and Water Corporation

• Net debt position

• Reason for forecasted increase in net debt for 2022-23

• Megawatts of electricity from solar energy to come on line in 2022- 23

• Expected timeframe for connecting large scale solar generators to the grid

• Timeframe for compliance testing for new solar energy generation

• Alice Springs future grid project

• Virtual power plant pilot project

• Percentage of homes in the NT that have smart meters

• Cost to upgrade meters over the next five years

• Alice Springs pole replacement program

• Cost to Power and Water to reach target of 50% renewables by 2030

• Impact of low growth and low population on Power and Water Corporation



Power and Water Corporation

• Decrease in forecasted Community Service Obligation revenue and impact on Power and Water’s bottom line

• Drivers of forecasted increase in staffing

• Outstanding debt from remote Indigenous communities

• Payment of Power and Water dividend

• Projected increases in electricity consumption

• Risk of stranded assets due to decreased use of gas

• Status of Black Tip off-take agreement with ENI

• Alternate suppliers of gas to Power and Water Corporation

• Budget for Manton Dam return to service

• AROWS water storage project

• Funding required for future critical infrastructure requirements

• Status of onsite Coolalinga water treatment plant

• Access to clean drinking water in remote communities

• Sale of gas to East Coast market

• Revenue from spot sales of gas

Jacana Energy

• Estimated impact to revenue as a consequence of change to feed-in tariff

• Community Service Obligation

• Consultation with Jacana Energy regarding changes to feed-in tariff

• Complaints received regarding decrease in feed-in tariff

• Number of long term power purchase agreements in place

• Increase in capital expenditure

• Estimated profit/loss for current financial year

• Clean Energy certificates

• Jacana Energy payments to solar energy producers yet to be connected to the grid

• Jacana Energy’s role in procuring renewable energy

• Jacana Energy’s percentage of the electricity market

• Increase in forecast ‘cost to serve’

• Target and current number of FTEs

• Recovery of increased costs from commercial customers

• Connection timeframe for new customers

• Legal action by solar proponents

• Average amount of customer debt and recovery of debt

• Number of executive positions

• Number of employees on casual and fixed term contracts

• Number of permanent employees

• Number of Jacana Energy offices across the NT

• Jacana Energy online customer service portal

• Increase in net promoter score

• Number of frontline officers

• Use and cost of consultants in the past financial year

• Delays in billing due to delays in receiving meter reads



Territory Generation

• Net profit forecast for current financial year

• Changes to the Board or governance structure of TGen

• Board vacancies

• Impact of inflationary costs on TGen

• Implementation of actions from Alice Springs Code Black

• Cost to keep Ron Goodin power station open

• Compliance testing of Owen Springs power station

• Current capacity of Owen Springs

• Capacity of Alice Springs generation system

• Expected life span of Ron Goodin generators

• Current number of employees and number of vacancies

• Impact of solar generation on demand

• Current amount of behind the meter solar generation

• Threats and opportunities from roof top solar

• Impact of home battery systems on grid stability

• Commissioning of BESS project

• Recharging timeframe for BESS

• Technical upgrades required to ensure BESS operates at peak efficiency

• Impact of lightning strikes on BESS

• Cost savings to TGen as a consequence of installing BESS

• Cost of BESS project

• Expected lifespan of BESS

• Short term plans to replace generators

• Introduction of hydrogen capable generators

• Commissioning process for the TM25 gas generator

• Timeframe for approval of major capital expenditure from Shareholding Minister

• Capacity to invest in large scale solar generation

• Implementation of recommendations from the 2020 blackout at Channel Island

• Electricity generation at Yulara power station

• Cost of the four new generators at Yulara power station

• Percentage of solar power generation at Yulara

• Strategy regarding transition to renewable energy

• Total cost of TM25 generator and installation

• Megawatts of power produced by TM25 generator

• Increase to other capital expenditure over the forward estimates

• Net debt figure for TGen

• Lead time for purchase and installation of new generators

• Generation cost by megawatt hour across the NT

• Anticipated increase in costs per megawatt hour as a result of increased solar generation

• Safety incidents in the reporting period

• Plans to increase battery capacity in Alice Springs system




• Plans to utilise hydrogen fuel cell generators

• Desert Bloom hydrogen project

• Current TGen borrowings

• Direct subsidies received from the NT Government

Chief Minister (Acting Speaker)1

• Costs associated with establishing video link system in the Chamber

• Costs associated with recruitment of new Clerk

• Timeframe to update Chamber seating plan

• Employment of electoral office staff

• Management oversight of electoral office staff

• Remuneration Tribunal Determination budget

• Number of staff and vacancies in the Department of the Legislative Assembly

• Costs associated with change of Speaker

• Recording of costs associated with interstate travel by Members and staff of the Speaker’s Office

• Use of video link up service for Members under any future emergency declarations

• Improving capacity and search functionality of ‘Territory Stories’

• Maintaining access to the Legislative Assembly while ensuring COVID-19 safe practices

• Cost of additional security staff due to COVID-19 for the reporting period

• Requirements for additional security cameras in Parliament House and the Parliamentary Precinct

• Services offered to electorate office staff regarding COVID-19 safety

• Cost of fit outs and repairs at electorate offices

• Cancellation of tender for fit out of Casuarina electorate office

• Approval of relocation of Member for Blain’s electorate office

• Reason for increase in budget for building management services

• Timeframe for resolution of issues associated with Chamber clock and speech timers

• Replacement of lights in the Chamber

• Electricity costs for the Department of the Legislative Assembly

• Costs associated with legal matters in the reporting period Number of ICAC referrals from the Office of the Speaker in the reporting period

• Number of agency vehicles repaired or written off in the reporting period and associated costs

1Under the Administrative Arrangements Order responsibility for the Department of the Legislative Assembly lies with the Chief Minister. However, the Acting Speaker appeared before the Committee to take questions regarding the Department.



(Acting Speaker)

• Number of agency vehicles repaired or written off in the reporting period and associated costs

• Number of freedom of information requests lodged with the Office of the Speaker in the reporting period

Mr Joel Bowden MLA CHAIR


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